Troop 586

Christ United Method Church Ashland, Ohio

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is the name we give to the snacks we take on our campouts. Cracker barrel takes place on Friday after we have our camp site setup in lieu of cooking a dinner. Here is a list of items that we suggest a scout can bring with them to share with the troop.
Sunflower seeds Turkey/beef sticks or jerky
pumpkin seeds popcorn
pretzels pretzels
carrots chunks of cheese
celery ants on a log
Mini rice cakes (cinnamon, apple cinnamon) peanut butter on celery
go-gurt by Yoplait hard boiled eggs
pudding cups cooked wings
jello cups mini chicken drummers
fruit cups graham cracker sandwiches
Chex mix whole grain crackers (Triscuits or Wheat Thins)
PB and J sandwiches cut in half applesauce cups
fresh cut fruit granola bars
olives pickles
cereal bars rice krispy treats
string cheese  

Some boys have food allergies. All items containing nuts need to be kept away from other foods. Any questions about a specific item, please ask.